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Tae Kwon Do »

Tae Kwon Do is the traditional Korean martial art which literally means the "art of foot and hand fighting". Tae Kwon Do is considered to be one of the "hard" forms...

Hapkido »

Plano Martial Arts introduced Hapkido to it's students in the spring of 2000. It's effective approach to self-defense and variety of techniques...

Aiki JuJutsu »

The style of JuJutsu taught at PMA is a traditional Japanese style, not Brazilian. We teach Jujutsu as a method of self-defense, not a style for competition.

Kendo »

Kendo (The Way of the Sword) at PMA is not taught as a competitive style.  A close examination of the style places it somewhere between Kendo and Kenjutsu...

Okinawa Kobudo »

Kobudo means "old martial ways". This usually refers to a system of weapons converted primarily from agricultural (farming tools)...

Kickboxing »

Plano Martial Arts' Kickboxing is designed as a combat sport geared to teach students effective striking, takedowns and grappling.