The Plano Martial Arts Program


PLANO MARTIAL ARTS teaches Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jutsu, Hapkido, Kendo and Kobudo. TAE KWON DO has proven to be one of most successful in terms of providing self defense and physical fitness. It uniquely combines a complete range of body motions and techniques to facilitate defense. In addition, we have found that the incorporation of JU JUTSU, HAPKIDO, KENDO and KOBUDO concepts and techniques blend well with, TAE KWON DO allowing the maximum opportunity for self defense against single or multiple attackers. One of the unique benefits at PMA, is that all the styles work well together, but are not only taught as "ONE STYLE". While the aspects of all styles can be found in each individual styles, the student can select from any combination of styles available, and then work toward a "Black Belt" in their particular style. If the student is interested in only one style, it is not necessary for them to participate in other classes. It is also possible for the student to study more than one style at the same time. Our flexible schedule allows many opportunities to train.  

Rules of Conduct

  1. Always bow to a Master and to Senior Ranking Belts.
  2. Always bow when entering or exiting the training floor.
  3. Bow to a partner before and after sparring.
  4. When an Instructor gives a command, move quickly without questions.
  5. Any questions should be saved for the rest periods.
  6. Be quiet during class.
  7. Remove shoes before entering the training floor.
  8. All students must remain in the school during training time. If you must leave, permission must be requested from the Instructor.
  9. All students must wear approved uniforms.
  10. Always respond to a Master and Senior Belts with "Yes, Sir" and "No, Sir".
  11. Keep the school clean (this includes the dressing rooms).
  12. No smoking is permitted in the school.
  13. Respect the training you receive and do not misuse it.
  14. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the office. If you desire to speak to the Master, knock before entering.
  15. Students who fail to follow the rules will not be instructed and will terminate their privilege to continue classes at the Academy.

Student Creed

  1. Be Patient
  2. Be Polite
  3. Be Alert
  4. Be Brave
  5. Do Your Best
  6. Respect Yourself and Others
  7. And Always Be Honest