About PMA Kendo

Kendo (The Way of the Sword) at PMA is not taught as a competitive style.  A close examination of the style places it somewhere between Kendo and Kenjutsu, with Kenjutsu being the more "martial" or combative style.  Traditional cuts (giri) and stances (kamae) are taught and incorporated in the system.  As with all styles at PMA, Self-Defense is the primary focus.  "Technique" is critical and emphasized, we are not just "hitting each other with sticks".  Although, this does occur.  Many Kendo students study other styles, and have commented on how their perspective, of their particular style, has changed and evolved since beginning Kendo.

The requirements for Kendo are a Shinai (bamboo sword) and Bogu (kendo armor).  These items are essential, you cannot participate in the sparring aspects without them.  Once purchased, the shinai may need to be replaced on occasion, but the bogu should last a long time.  Students are encouraged to purchase their equipment through PMA, but not required.  However, if purchased form another source, PMA reserves the final decision on it's viability.  Many students also purchased a Boken (wooden sword) for practice purposes and save the shinai for sparring.