About PMA Kickboxing

Plano Martial Arts' Kickboxing is designed as a combat sport geared to teach students effective striking, takedowns and grappling. With influences from the styles Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, and Jujitsu, the Kickboxing program veers away from the traditional and focuses on the competitive aspect.

Students in the Kickboxing class are introduced to techniques through various drills and exercises with the intent of mastering combative skills and practical fighting ability. Physical endurance and stamina are also focused on and tailored to the student's own capabilities and body type.

At the beginner level, students are taught the basics of striking, footwork, evasion and blocking. At the intermediate and advanced levels takedown techniques and grappling are introduced. Punching bags and focus pads are used to both exercise as well as teach targeting. Sparring is frequently used to give students a "real world" fighting experience. Our sparring is mid to full contact, but safety is always the first priority.

Plano Martial Arts' Kickboxing is a great class for anyone looking to specifically train their fighting ability, as well as supplement any current martial arts class they are already taking.