About PMA Kobudo

Kobudo is the study of weapons.

Kobudo means "old martial ways". This usually refers to a system of weapons converted primarily from agricultural (farming tools)

Plano Martial Arts (Grandmaster Hamann) has been a member of, and trained though of the IKKF (International Karate Kobudo Federation) which is headquartered in Reading, PA and overseen by Hanshi Bruce Heilman (9th Dan). Hanshi Heilman is sought worldwide for his knowledge and expertise in Okinawa Karate and Kobudo.

There are a variety of weapons that fall under the umbrella of Kobudo. At PMA we focus on those more common. To achieve the rank of 1st Dan (black belt) you must learn the general use of, formal kata and the bunkai (application) of the kata with the following weapons.

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