Open to everyone
Practical Wing Chun
instruction by Grand Master Mark Bradshaw

Practical Wing Chun is a new approach to Wing Chun spending most of the training on Phon Sao techniques.  Although, in Practical Wing Chun we do not subscribe to “prearranged sets” of techniques we do find them a suitable methodology to getting the feel of Wing Chun.

Practical Wing Chun does prescribe to both yin and yang (water and rock) theories incorporating: angle of attack, no wasted energy or motion, center line, sticking, trapping, pushing hand and more.  In addition, some Ju-Jitsu pins have been incorporated into the style.

Philosophy of Practical Wing Chun: “There are no recipes.” Meaning, from the first to the last technique, what you feel from your opponent will determine your next move.  Achieving that goal could take a life time.  It’s not about being the best, but achieving all you can.

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