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Plano Martial Arts was founded in 1991 and has offered martial arts instruction that focuses on self-defense and personal growth from the first class. Over the years, PMA has grown and currently offers potential students the ability to achieve their Black Belt ranking in five separate styles. All classes cover all aspects of self-defense, but each style will focus more on its strengths. The Styles available are; Tae Kwon Do, Defensive Hapkido, Ju Jutsu, Kendo and Okinawa Kobudo. PMA is owned and operated by Master Craig Hamann. PMA has certified over 400 Black Belts since its founding. Many of these students still train on a regular basis and Master Hamann is assisted by them in his teaching efforts. It is a fundamental belief at PMA that the students learn as much, if not more, by passing along what they have learned. Therefore, it is an unwritten rule that Black Belt students get involved in the day to day teaching of classes. If there is one thing that every student is expected to do, it is to TRY. Our philosophy is "Do the best you can in everything you do". If today is a bad day, DO YOUR BEST, tomorrow will be another day. All anyone can ask of you is to do the best you can. If you only give half effort, no one suffers but yourself. PMA is dedicated to providing the best in Martial Arts instruction and fitness training. Master Hamann and his instructors are constantly looking for new and different ways to accomplish this goal.

In September of 2001, Master Hamann was inducted into the World Head of Family Sokeship Council - International Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the Year.  The World Head of Family Sokeship Council means more to the martial arts community.  Most people have never heard of them.  It is centered in Southeast Asia, but encompasses martial arts around the world.   In June of 2005, he was inducted into the 1st Budo International Magazine's Hall of Fame as Master of the Year.  Budo International is a Martial Arts magazine published in over fifty (50) countries worldwide and in seven (7) languages.  In January 2006, he was honored by Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame for Excellence in Teaching the Martial Arts.  In August 2014 and again in August 2017, Grandmaster Hamann was inducted as Multi-Discipline Master of the Year by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, "The original Hall of Fame established in 1976". These are all very great honors.


On November 5, 2017, in Waco, TX. Master Hamann was honored and promoted to the rank of Judan (10th degree) by Shodai George Brock of the Aibu-Jutsu Ryu Federation. Along with this promotion he was awarded the titles of Grandmaster and Soke. PMA is looking forward to a long and productive relationship with the federation. At the ceremony, all PMA instructors in attendance were recognized by the federation. With this recognition comes the respective titles of "Shihan" (Master Instructor) and Sensei (Instructor).


Master Hamann holds a Seventh Degree Black Belt in Youn Wha Ryu Tae Kwon Do and was one of the first six instructors to be awarded the title of Master in this style. He is also one of the first ten instructors certified for this style by the system's Grandmaster. He also holds various degree of Black Belts in; Combat Hapkido, (certified by the International Combat Hapkido Federation and a Master Instructor), Aiki Goshin Ju Jutsu, (certified by the U. S. Combat Martial Arts Association) and Okinawa Kobudo (certified by the International Karate Kobudo Federation). Master Hamann is also a certified Cardio Karate instructor by the National Association of Professional Martial Artists. He has spent the last forty years as an active student of the martial arts, the last thirty as an instructor. He still trains regularly in an effort to expand his knowledge, which can, in turn, be passed on to his students.

Grandmaster Hamann is assisted by all of his students.  It is understood, that everyone will be called upon to help another student at some time.  As the student becomes more confident, higher in rank, and older, they are given more responsibility.  Many move on to be Instructors themselves and have regular classes that they teach.

The Instructors

Master Jonathan Argomaniz

 6th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 4rd Degree (Hapkido), AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in June 1995

Master Ryan Argomaniz

6th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 4rd Degree (Hapkido), joined PMA in June 1995

Master Desiree Damon

Member - 2017 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

6th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 2nd Degree (Hapkido), 4th Degree (Kendo), AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in July 1995

Master Kristin DiFrancesco

Member - 2017 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

5th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 2nd Degree (Hapkido), 1st Degree (Jujutsu), AJR Federation Member, PMA Competition Team Coach,

2017 AOK State Champion, Member 2017 United States Martial Arts Team, 2018 United States Martial Arts Team Gold Medal Qualifier, joined PMA in January 2000


Master Jeff Bogost

4th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 5th Degree (Hapkido), AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in January 2003

Jeff Seutter

4th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 4th Degree (Hapkido), AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in September 2006

Mike Tharp

3rd Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 4th Degree (Hapkido), 2nd Degree (Kendo), 1st Degree (Jujutsu), AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in April 2006

Semyon "Sam" Starobin

1st Degree (Kobudo), 2nd Degree (JuJutsu), 2nd Degree (Kendo) AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in April 2002

Master Adam Sanders

5th Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 5th Degree (Hapkido), AJR Federation Member, joined PMA in August 2006

Soke Mark Bradshaw

Member - 2017 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

9th Degree (Tanjin Ju-Jitsu), 1st Degree (JuJutsu), AJR Federation Member, Joined PMA in January 2016

Shihan Rhonda Bradswaw

Member - 2017 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

6th Degree (Tanjin Ju-Jitsu), 1st Degree (JuJutsu), AJR Federation Member, Joined PMA in January 2016

Jorge Aguilar

2nd Degree (Jujutsu), 2nd Degree (Kendo), PMA Competition Team Coach, AJR Federation Member,

2016 AOK State Champion, Joined PMA in November 2014

Sierra Barber

1st Degree (Tae Kwon Do), 1st Degree (Hapkido)

All students will find themselves in the role of Instructor.  It is our belief that "doing" can only go so far.

To really learn something, you need to be able to explain and teach it to someone else.  Therefore, ALL students are also



What makes PLANO MARTIAL ARTS unique - better than any other Martial Arts studio around?

ESTABLISHED REPUTATION that can only be acquired by consistent, quality instruction. Most students come to Plano Martial Arts because of positive comments from family and friends.

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION for the beginning student, which allows anyone to join at any time without waiting for a session to start.

EMPHASIS ON MENTAL FITNESS AS WELL AS PHYSICAL. We believe that the mind and body have a partnership in the personal well-being. This philosophy is reflected in the brief meditation period before and after each class, as well as maximum effort (everyone must TRY).

SATURDAY CLASSES. We offer convenient hours Monday through Friday for you to choose from, as well as Saturday mornings.

AN OPEN MIND by having different instructors with different strengths. Many students have come to us from other schools/styles/backgrounds and find a new home at PMA. We value all training as useful.

PROGRAM DIVERSITY by offering a variety of classes. At PMA the serious students can choose from many different styles, all of which are taught as a method of self defense.





A growing number of parents are choosing the Martial Arts for their son or daughter over the more traditional recreational activities. They have discovered that the Martial Arts ALLOWS THE CHILD TO DEVELOP AT HIS/HER NATURAL PACE WITH A MINIMUM OF THE DISCOURAGEMENT that usually accompanies such endeavors, while at the same time providing an INCENTIVE TO ACHIEVE through perseverance and individual effort.

Contrary to popular myth, which portrays the Martial Arts as either violent or aggressive, it subdues the overly aggressive, hyperactive child and draws out the more passive, introverted child. Many parents have remarked on the positive changes they have observed in the child after a few months of training.

For the growing child, whether, a preschooler or a teenager, the Martial Arts instills the MENTAL AND PHYSICAL DISCIPLINE necessary for a healthy adult life. At the same time, it allows participation in a stimulating environment in which the child can HAVE FUN AND LEARN TO INTERACT with others.




PLANO MARTIAL ARTS teaches Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jutsu, Hapkido, Kendo and Kobudo. TAE KWON DO has proven to be one of most successful in terms of providing self defense and physical fitness. It uniquely combines a complete range of body motions and techniques to facilitate defense. In addition, we have found that the incorporation of JU JUTSU, HAPKIDO, KENDO and KOBUDO concepts and techniques blend well with, TAE KWON DO allowing the maximum opportunity for self defense against single or multiple attackers. One of the unique benefits at PMA, is that all the styles work well together, but are not only taught as "ONE STYLE". While the aspects of all styles can be found in each individual styles, the student can select from any combination of styles available, and then work toward a "Black Belt" in their particular style. If the student is interested in only one style, it is not necessary for them to participate in other classes. It is also possible for the student to study more than one style at the same time. Our flexible schedule allows many opportunities to train.



Always bow to a Master and to Senior Ranking Belts.

Always bow when entering or exiting the training floor.

Bow to a partner before and after sparring.

When an Instructor gives a command, move quickly without questions.

Any questions should be saved for the rest periods.

Be quiet during class.

Remove shoes before entering the training floor.

All students must remain in the school during training time. If you must leave, permission must be requested from the Instructor.

All students must wear approved uniforms.

Always respond to a Master and Senior Belts with "Yes, Sir" and "No, Sir".

Keep the school clean (this includes the dressing rooms).

No smoking is permitted in the school.

Respect the training you receive and do not misuse it.

Only authorized personnel are permitted in the office. If you desire to speak to the Master, knock before entering.

Students who fail to follow the rules will not be instructed and will terminate their privilege to continue classes at the Academy.


Student Creed

Be Patient

Be Polite

Be Alert

Be Brave

Do Your Best

Respect Yourself and Others

And Always Be Honest

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